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Summer Messages 2024

Walking In Step with Jesus

Jesus In My Story

Prayer Series 2024

Jesus Like No Other


Living out the Gospel


The Child King


All Things Jesus


Prayer Series 2022


For unto us a Child is Born


At War


The Life Changing Power of the Cross


Glory to God in the Highest


Summer 2020


Living Water


Vision: 2020


Made For This


Spring 2019




Winter 2018


Summer 2017


Summer 2016


Building the Kingdom


Healthy Relationships


Hearing God


On the way to the Resurrection


Rock Solid


Discovering your own Faith in Jesus


Winter Messages 2022


We Will Remember


Spring 2021


Moving Forward


Building Better Relationships


A Nation in Turmoil


Easter Sunday 2020


Prayer Series 2020


How's Your Soul?


Winter 2019


Summer Messages 2018


Christmas Series 2017


Spring 2017




Get Connected


Follow Me


Summer at KCC 2023


Reset 2023


Fall Messages 2022


Guiding your Mind and Guarding your Heart


Christmas Eve 2021


A New King and a New Kingdom


Resurrection Sunday 2021


Prayer Series 2021


Children's Ministry


Responding to Injustice




A Thrill of Hope


Summer 2019


Fall 2018


The Promise is for You


What's the Big Deal about Jesus?


Becoming Disciple Makers


Stepping Up


Summer 2015