KCC Children's Ministry (Sunday School)

We offer a program for children birth through 5th grade on Sunday mornings.  Services start at 9:30 a.m.

KCC's Children's Ministry Directors

Mike and Mindee, along with our wonderful team of volunteers', desire to help kids integrate a whole bodied faith into their whole beings (mind, soul, heart and body) by experiencing Jesus’ big-hearted, sacrificial love for themselves and then living that out to the world around them.

In order to do this, we strive to create a Jesus-centered, child-focused, safe and healthy environment that allows kids to put down deep roots of physical security, emotional self-identity and spiritual grounding.

Core Values

Jesus Centered

We want everything we do and teach to revolve around the Gospel of Jesus Christ because God is demonstrated in and through the Person of Jesus.  
Our mission is to present to the best of our ability, the richness of the gospel (the truly Good News!) which is this:

Through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, we can participate in the full, beautiful and good life that God has designed for us!

Child Focused

We aim to provide an environment for kids that will help them to form a healthy, secure and balanced view (and hopefully experience) of God
for the sake of the physical, emotional, spiritual and comprehensive well-being and wholeness of each child.


We believe that child safety is important, therefore every leader in our ministry is background-checked and trained, and our classrooms are clean and age appropriate.

In the same way that we desire that our kids are physically safe, we also desire their emotional and spiritual safety and security.
We want to help each child develop a healthy sense of curiosity, security and self-identity in their faith and above all,
to know that they are safe and that they are loved.


God wired us for connection. From a young age, we learn to establish an attachment not only to our primary care-givers and close loved ones, but to God.
Our passion is for KCC kids to be able to develop a full, robust, healthy faith by establishing a secure attachment to God and others so that they can
engage authentically with themselves as well as the world around them in a meaningful and integrated kind of way.

Our vision is two-fold:

We want to communicate to our KCC kids that God is:
1) demonstrated in and through the Person of Jesus
2) unconditionally loving
3) available and responsive
4) a safe, dependable and trustworthy parent

We want to communicate to our KCC kids that each of them are: 
1) an image bearer of God
2) a child of God, known deeply and loved intimately
3) a delight to God
4) inherently lovable for who they are  
5) valuable to God and the world

Koinonia (Fellowship)

We at KCC believe strongly in living out our faith in community.  God created joy and laughter and celebration! We believe that having fun together as the body of Christ not only builds much needed, priceless community, but can also be a holy act, a tribute to THE author of joy.

This is why KCC Kids do our best to provide activities for families where kids can play and make memories and parents and other adults can also play and talk and connect. We call these Family Fun Events, which mostly take place during the summer but are sprinkled throughout the rest of the year as well. Check out the events page of our website for the most updated information for these kinds of events.

Infants 0-12 Months

Infant Room (ages 0-1)
Meeting in person Sunday mornings.

Toddlers 1-2 Years

Toddler Room (ages 1-2)
Meeting in person Sunday mornings.

Pre-school: 3-4 Years

Preschool Room (ages 3-4)
Meeting in person Sunday mornings.


Room 101
Meeting in person Sunday mornings.

1st Grade

Room 102
Meeting in person Sunday mornings.

2nd-3rd Grade

Room 103
Meeting in person Sunday mornings.

4th-5th Grade

Room: The Edge
Meeting in person Sunday mornings.


Do you have a heart for children, a love for God, and a desire to serve?  Would you invest one or two Sundays per month towards building up our future generations?  We can’t grow our children’s program without first having dedicated adults to lead the classes.  Please let us know about your interest by talking to us on Sunday, emailing, calling, or filling out the forms on the volunteer resource page (click link below).

Need resources?

RightNow Media is the largest Video Bible Study Library in the world! RightNow Media has everything from kids videos to messages to teachings on parenting! If you don’t have an account with RightNow Media yet, CLICK HERE to create one!