How Can I Grow?

Following Jesus is a lifelong journey of growing, and we grow together. Here is an outline of the Growth Path that we hope everyone in our church is following as we walk with Jesus. 

Begin with Jesus

Jesus offers everyone abundant life, beginning when we put our faith - our confident trust - in him. If you are curious about following Jesus, hit the button below and learn about beginning this journey!

Be Baptized in Water

Water Baptism is something Jesus calls every follower to do. It's simple, it's liberating, and it's for you.

Belong to Family

The church is the family of God, and we are part of that. If you are new to Klamath Christian Center, we want to welcome you here in this church family. 

Become a Disciple

Do you want to get to know Jesus better and learn his way of life? We want to invite you to embrace this life-changing journey as a disciple of Jesus.


Jesus followers serve.  
We serve in the church and everywhere we go, spreading the love of God and the joy of his Kingdom.
There are many opportunities for YOU to serve here at KCC and in our community. 

Got questions? Send us a message!